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NCSU MFM Prepares Students!apply-now

NC State’s Financial Mathematics Program is Ranked #18 by QuantNet. We are known for rigorous training in the core areas of probability, statistics, mathematical modeling, investment theory, stochastic processes, and economics. The depth of understanding prepares students to respond to today’s rapidly evolving, world-wide economic and financial landscape. During the 18 month program, students are encouraged to build on these core areas with a focus in areas such as business management, statistics, mathematics, or risk management.

NCSU MFM Invests in Students' Future!

Since your goal is to get a job, that is our goal too. Our academic training is matched with a full range of career services and counseling. Once students join our program they have exclusive access to personalized career development counseling to enhance professional and career development unique to each students' interest, experience and skill-set. We also invite guest industry speakers to present and network with our students. Students learn about the field and get career advice from the speakers. Occasionally students will get the opportunity to work on and present industry specific projects to professionals who provide them feedback. These services and more are there to make sure you are ready for your career ahead.

NCSU MFM Students are Diverse!

Our students come from the United States and abroad and have a variety of academic backgrounds including mathematics, engineering, and computer science. Full-time and part-time students are welcome. This is partially due to the fact that our program qualifies for government STEM program.



Rank #18 by QuantNet


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