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Core Courses


Semester One Core Requirements (Fall)

  • Capital Investment Economic Analysis** (ISE 711)
  • Fundamentals of Statistical Inference I (ST 501)*
  • Options and Derivatives Pricing (FIM/ECG/MA/MBA 528)
  • Career Development for Quants, a Seminar (FIM 500)

Semester Two Core Requirements (Spring)

  • Financial Mathematics (MA 547)
  • Fundamentals of Statistical Inference II (ST 502)
  • Monte Carlo Methods for Financial Mathematics (FIM/MA 548).
  • Seminar in Financial Mathematics (FIM 601)


  • Internship in Financial Mathematics (FIM 650), or
  • Project in Financial Mathematics (FIM 675)

    Semester Three Core Requirement (Fall)

    • Computational Methods in Economics and Finance (ECG 766)
    • Seminar in Financial Mathematics (FIM 601)

    *Alternatives to ST 501 are MA/ST 546 and ST 521
    ** ISE 711 may be replaced by an elective if a challenge exam is passed.

    Core classes must be passed with a grade of B or better

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    Congratulations to our December 2016 graduates!
    Congratulations to all of our December 2016 graduates! We are so proud of your hard work! Our graduates were placed at Bank of America, TD Bank, Financial Risk Group, EY, SAS & First Citizens Bank. We wish you all success!
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    NC State’s Financial Math Program’s Quantnet Rankings are up!
    We are pleased to announce that NC State's Financial Math Program's Quantnet Rankings have improved as the program continues to grow and succeed. In it's 14th year, the MFM program has expanded and advanced into a well-respected graduate program sought out by students from all over the world. Currently, the program is ranked #18 in […]
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