Often it happens that alumni, after becoming established in their own careers, are looking for ways to give back.  It is particularly helpful to new students to talk to alumni about their experiences finding internships, networking, interviewing well, and learning about different types of jobs.  We highly encourage this.  Some ideas, though not all, of ways that alumni can help us out are listed below:

  1. Become a mentor to a current student.  This entails meeting with the student to discuss interviewing, strategies for job hunting, useful tips for getting through the program, types of jobs in the finance industry, or anything else that may be useful to the student.
  2. Speak at a student seminar.
  3. Volunteer to conduct practice interviews with students.
  4. Hire a student, for an internship or a full-time position.
  5. Mentor a student project.
  6. Work with faculty in their research.

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