Willies Mboko, Class of 2020

“I spent 1.5 years at the NCSU MFM program and while it was challenging I enjoyed every bit of it. The faculty is brilliant and very student-focussed. I got the opportunity to pick from a wide array of classes that would be helpful in my career. I especially enjoyed that the faculty took time to discuss my specific career goals and how I could best achieve them; I felt like this was a contributing factor to me landing interviews, an internship and a job opportunity at a leading reinsurance company after graduating. The networking events were also memorable and I got the opportunity to meet and connect with industry professionals who always provided a helpful hand. All in, I am very happy about the time I spent at the program.”

Zheng Liu, Class of 2020

“The Financial Mathematics program at NC State University gathers experienced professionals in the industry to provide students from all over the world with a variety of opportunities to explore multiple fields in the financial market. The curriculum is built on the idea that students will have different academic backgrounds, and designed so that everyone can find instruction from any perspective. The program has given me the skills needed as a quantitative analyst and prepared me with a great business tool kit and understanding of the business world. And while the curriculum is the backbone of the program, the professors and peers I met in the program made this experience priceless.”


Pengfei Xeong, Class of 2018 

“My experience with the Financial Mathematics program at NCSU has been a plus to my life. Not only did it give me training in quantitative techniques, but it also enhanced my soft skills with a variety of career coaching services and information sharing sessions from industry speakers and alumni. The program provides students with multiple career paths from quantitative risk management to data science, which can feel like a lot as you consider where you want to go professionally, but those experiences broadened my perspective and tool set, and helped me secure jobs both in the US and China, in both the finance and internet industries.”

Samuel Busch, Class of 2013

“I am very grateful to the Financial Math program at NC State as it was integral to my success in the financial and insurance industries. In the FM program, I had access to professional mentorship and networking opportunities which led to my first industry job working as an analyst and modeler for an auto insurance company. As part of the masters curriculum, I learned quantitative techniques that go far beyond Black-Scholes and which have given me an intuitive understanding of such topics as stock market mechanics, risk management, and fair-market pricing of exotic derivatives. Going forward, such knowledge will advantage me as I develop professionally in asset-liability management and hedging as an actuary.”