“I am very grateful to the Financial Math program at NC State as it was integral to my success in the financial and insurance industries. In the FM program, I had access to professional mentorship and networking opportunities which led to my first industry job working as an analyst and modeler for an auto insurance company. As part of the masters curriculum, I learned quantitative techniques that go far beyond Black-Scholes and which have given me an intuitive understanding of such topics as stock market mechanics, risk management, and fair-market pricing of exotic derivatives. Going forward, such knowledge will advantage me as I develop professionally in asset-liability management and hedging as an actuary.”

Samuel Busch, Class of 2013

“The Financial Math program at NC State gave me an opportunity to broaden my perspective on the financial world; specifically how modern math is being applied to the finance industry. The program also allowed me to network and meet many interesting, like-minded people who later became instrumental in helping me along my current career path.”

Brandon Blevins, Class of 2009

“Creating a Financial Mathematics program at a university renowned for its mathematics and engineering programs, as well as having an accredited MBA program is a recipe for success. NCSU provides a rigorous financial mathematics curriculum in a region rich with culture, outdoor activities, and employment. The NCSU Financial Mathematics Program gave me deep fundamental understanding of quantitative risk management. My career has certainly been furthered by this degree and subsequently it is proven more valuable by the relationships I have developed with both my fellow students and faculty. I am happy to still be involved with the program and my team continues to hire students of this program with confidence.”

Albert Hopping, ERP – Class of 2007

"NCSU Financial Math program gave me a solid and comprehensive training in quantitative financial modelling and analysis. The faculty teaches you with a true heart. The culture in Raleigh is suitable for a student to study financial math without distractions. You will be equipped with all the skills and abilities you need to ace the quantitative finance area. Further, you will have lots of decent internship opportunities in and out of North Carolina. I still remember the time when I got a summer internship offer from a hedge fund in Westport,CT, which is about 600 miles away from Raleigh. Our FM program helped me beat many competitive candidates from Great New York area. It is my honor to be a graduate of our FM program and it leads me to a career in US fixed income investment.”

Yipin Xue, Class of 2007