Industry Collaboration

    In order to facilitate your recruiting process, we can train our students and provide you with the top-notch candidate resumes. Since we have been working with the students, we understand their strength and weaknesses and how they can be a good fit to your organization. However, we first need to understand the needs of your company. For your recruitment needs please contact us at

Industry Project
    Using data directly sourced from companies, NC State Masters in Financial Mathematics (FM) students work on projects designed by the Company specifically for the Company. The Industry Project results in a comprehensive analysis with detailed documentation supporting the work performed by the students. The students also present a tailored overview of their results to the Company’s leadership team. During the project, the students work in teams of 5 to encourage idea generation and communication. The teams are also supervised by a Faculty Instructor from Masters in Financial Mathematics program. The Masters in Financial Mathematics does not charge any fee to the Company for conducting such project as it helps the development of our students into strong future employees.

    Finally, we understand the concerns regarding the confidentiality of the data and we have a multi-layer protection plan for your data.